Service & Support

Our friendly customer service people pride themselves on never saying "NO"


Service & Support

When it comes to service, we give you the whole package

Our friendly customer service is focused on your meeting your needs. We pride ourselves on saying YES to customer requests!

We are committed to customer satisfaction

We know that pleasant experiences help retain customers and move your company ahead by increasing confidence and loyalty. Be assured that we’ll do our part to ensure that your customers are completely satisfied.

We will always respond promptly to your service requests and will resolve them to your satisfaction, and we’ll follow up to make sure we’ve met your expectations.

Understanding your business makes the difference

At Custom BackOffice Solutions, we realize that long term customer relations are built on high-quality customer service and satisfaction. We make it our business to understand your business, and it’s our people that make the difference.

We are your partner for a “single source solution. Our dedicated employees have helped us grow into an efficient and effective warehouse and distribution company known for our reputable, high-level service. And that’s not all. We consistently tailor our local and regional programs to meet our customer’s requirements.

Customer service is a priority for us – we understand what it takes to gain your business and what it takes to keep it.